Ctrl Shift Face

Ctrl Shift Face is a deepfake video creator known for swapping celebrity faces in interviews, awards shows and famous movie scenes.

His channel reached a wide audience with his very first video, which paired Arnold Schwarzenegger to Bill Hader's face while Hader did impressions on Conan:

In interviews, Ctrl Shift Face declined to share his identity, though he has said he's a graphic designer from the Czech Republic. He creates videos in his spare time using free, open source software like DeepFaceLab. He says each video takes a few days to make.

"We need for people to know whatโ€™s possible, and to think before they believe," he told NBC.

While he started creating deepfakes to make his friends laugh, the tone of some of his writing suggests that he's doing this to show how dangerous AI can become.

His YouTube description writes: "Windows to parallel universes. I'm creating entertaining deepfake videos. Do not believe everything that you see on the internet ok?"