Now anyone can join Amazon's Q&A community to write answers for Alexa

The Alexa Answers landing page. (Amazon)

Amazon has publicly opened its Q&A site Alexa Answers, where volunteers can submit answers to questions for Alexa.

The site contains a dashboard where volunteers can view open questions, and rate those submitted by others. If a volunteer answers a question well, they will be able to see how many times Alexa has used their answer, as well as customer feedback it received.

Users can gain points and climb the community's leaderboard, which is featured prominently on the site. At the time of this writing, the top user has submitted over 11,000 answers, and Alexa has used them over 8,000 times.

A list of current open questions (as of September 13, 2019) include:

  1. How long do you bake sliced potatoes?
  2. What's the grapefruit method?
  3. Who is twitch underscore finas?
  4. What's a substitute for cumin seeds?
  5. How many secondary schools are there in england?
  6. Is there a georgia in australia?

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